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Karyl leverages a cross-disciplinary network of evaluation professionals committed to systematically broadening participation and inclusion of multicultural perspectives and authentic stakeholder engagement in the program design and program evaluation process. 

For each project, Karyl strategically assembles a team of consultants that bring evaluation and content expertise well-matched to the project. Master’s- and Doctoral-level support staff add to the lead team’s capacity to conduct literature reviews, data collection, and data analyses under the direction of Dr. Askew the team lead. Our project teams work in a collaborative and responsive manner to design and execute the evaluation plan, streamline partner communication, and ensure timely submission of high-quality deliverables.

Meet Karyl’s collaborators:

Dr. Monifa Beverly holds a doctorate in education with a focus on culture, curriculum and change with 14 years of program evaluation experience applying a collaborative and culturally responsive methodology toward supporting educational institutions and communities. As an accomplished evaluator, researcher and educator, Monifa’s gift is the ability to listen deeply and humbly pose just-in-time power-packed questions that move conversations forward. Monifa has provided evaluation services to multiple federally funded education programs to include Investing in Innovation (i3) grants, USDOE’s Supporting Effective Educators Development (SEED) Grant, and NSF’s Advancing Informal STEM learning grant (AISL). Monifa brings expertise in research design, qualitative data collection methods, group facilitation, and innovative reporting. Monifa has led onsite data collection, analysis and reporting events with community-based organizations. She uses the findings, in real-time to help organizations take immediate action on salient issues. Her creativity and experience will contribute to the team’s ability to develop authentic relationships and innovative evaluation products that speak to a wide array of stakeholders. Learn more about Monifa here.

Dr. Daniella Cook holds advanced degrees in education with a focus on culture, curriculum and change, along with bachelor’s degrees in education and history. Her research and scholarship address three intersecting themes: historical and contemporary narratives of black educators, public policy with a focus on community engagement and student access to rigorous curricula across diverse schooling contexts. As an accomplished organizer, educator and facilitator, Daniella is fundamentally concerned with “doing good work” that will contribute to concrete improvements in the lives of those traditionally underserved. With a critical eye towards racial inequity and access to quality educational experiences, her work concentrates on understanding how class, race and power affect the everyday experiences and public policy with a focus on community engagement. Learn more about Daniella here.


Iyeesha Cook holds a Masters of Science in Business Technology, with a concentration and Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology, along with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering. Iyeesha is a proven leader with broad experience and an impressive track record of successful program model development and project management. Iyeesha brings passion and compassion to advancing the social and emotional well-being of youth of color. She is capable of maintaining and building relationships with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. Iyeesha’s commitment in every project is lifting the voices and interests of youth to support their self-determination and thriving. Learn more about Iyeesha here.


Tangie Fleming is the owner of TGF Consulting, Inc. Tangie specializes in designing customized websites, developing infographics and social media advertisements, and creating print and digital marketing materials. Tangie holds a MA in Liberal Studies from NC State University and a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship from UNC Kenan-Flagler.  She incorporates her education and experience in program evaluation, graphic communications, project management, and marketing to assist others in developing, designing, and disseminating information about their projects, business, and organizations. Tangie consults with Karyl to support in the dissemination of findings designed to reach a wide range of stakeholders (including brochures, infographics, graphic research briefs, social media postings). Karyl affectionately refers to Tangie, as the graphic design genie. “If Tangie stamps it, it is golden.” Learn more about Tangie here.


Dr. Amanda Kolburn holds a doctorate in Human and Community Development. As a primary investigator for multi-method research and evaluation projects, she has experience designing and selecting methodological tools, developing research protocols and evaluation plans, collecting and entering data, performing statistical analyses, and presenting findings to diverse audiences via a variety of formats including technical reports, webinars, conferences top-tier academic journals, conferences, and the mainstream media (e.g., New York Times, This American Life). She has utilized mixed method approaches in her work and has created, managed and analyzed data sets in SPSS, SAS, Excel, Access, and transactional databases (i.e., CMEDS, Evolv and MyChart) and utilized rigorous data wrangling techniques to ensure data integrity.  Learn more about Amanda here.


Dr. Rihana S. Mason received her doctoral degree in cognitive psychology from the University of South Carolina. Her area of research focuses on vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, and the assessment of language and literacy in diverse populations. She was formerly the assistant project director for Georgia’s Quality Rated Improvement System Evaluation Project and served as lead for the Hearst Cox Campus Evaluation and Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading Georgia (L4GA) projects for the Urban Child Study Center at Georgia State University. She has served as the Chair of the Committee on the Equality of Professional Opportunity, a subcommittee of the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) and with every opportunity brings an equity lens to her work.  Learn more about Rihana here. 


Zarmeena Riaz holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, Pakistan and Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Pakistan). Zarmeena uses data analytics to inform organizational strategic planning leading to enhanced dialogue and performance. She is skilled in the ability to listen for and distill complex needs and values into clear and accessible language. Zarmeena has a tenacious curiosity to explore and deeply understand new cultures and people. Learn more about Zarmeena here.


Rachael Spencer is a PhD Candidate and public health professional with 12 years of evaluation and research experience in diverse settings including the United States, Iraq, South Korea, Jordan, Nepal, and Lebanon. Her goal is to empower organizations and governments to increase the inclusivity and effectiveness of programs that serve vulnerable populations. She has achieved this goal by developing intervention programs to enhance individuals’ economic self-sufficiency and conducting research to evaluate the effectiveness of community-level interventions such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.  Rachael uses advanced quantitative research techniques such as difference-in-difference studies, factor analysis, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) alongside qualitative data collection to triangulate findings and identify solutions that improve lives. Learn more about Rachael here.