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Evaluation Services

Karyl uses a collaborative and culturally responsive approach to deliver engaging and equitable evaluation services.

She is skilled at discerning the most effective and appropriate levels of engagement for each professional partner.


Evaluation Services Include:

  1. Increasing understanding among program developers and implementers to supervise quality program evaluation
  2. Building productive relationships with intended audiences
  3. Creating avenues for active partner participation in the evaluation process
  4. Designing evaluation studies with flexible and varied timeframes and scopes
  5. Developing data collection instruments and systems (including quantitative fidelity of implementation indices) customized to meet program needs
  6. Writing evaluation reports that are visually engaging and accurately represent your work
  7. Clearly communicating evaluation results to a variety of audiences
  8. Facilitating workshops that demystify the program evaluation process
  9. Collaborating on advisory teams to add an evaluative lens to the discussion of inclusion and equity
  10. Designing and co-facilitating Community Visioning Dialogues (in-person and virtually)