Evaluation Services

Karyl uses a collaborative and responsive approach to meet your goals.

She is effective at discerning the most effective and appropriate levels of engagement for each professional partner.


Evaluation Services Include:

  • Spearhead program model development meetings that strengthen partnerships
  • Build capacity of program developers and implementers to understand and engage in program evaluation
  • Design evaluations for single or and multi-year projects  
  • Design evaluations for single- and multi-site projects
  • Create or enhance responsive and user-friendly data collection protocols and instruments
  • Create or enhance internal evaluation system to monitor program implementation
  • Research standardized data collection instruments  
  • Lead or oversee data collection processes that engage multiple stakeholders
  • Author accessible evaluation reports using data visualization principles
  • Support the dissemination efforts through presentations customized for a variety of audiences
  • Provide workshops and courses that demystify the program evaluation process